London’s advertising landscape is getting a noteworthy addition with MysteryVibe’s new ad for their Crescendo 2 vibrator, displayed at bus stops across central London. The campaign, approved by the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Transport for London (TfL), marks the first time the word “vibrator” is featured in an ad in such a public setting, according to MysteryVibe.

Image: MysteryVibe

On December 4, 2023, Londoners began seeing the Crescendo 2 ads in 75 major locations, including Covent Garden, Holborn, Clerkenwell, Spitalfields, Old Street, Camden, Canary Wharf, Hackney, Whitechapel, Primrose Hill, and Kentish Town. JCDeceux, the company responsible for these displays, estimates that the ads will be seen by over 8 million people in two weeks.

The campaign represents a notable shift in advertising norms, especially in the sexual health sector. “Being able to start conversations around intimacy and sexual health is the first step towards making sexual health and integral part of our general health.” says Dr. Soum Rakshit, CEO & Co-Founder of MysteryVibe. “We are incredibly grateful to TfL, ASA and JCDeceux for engaging with us and allowing us to speak openly about our products and at scale. Being able to reach 8m+ people in such a short period is a first for a vibrator campaign. We hope this will have a significant impact in helping couples prioritize intimacy this holiday.”

MysteryVibe’s Crescendo 2 is an FDA-registered medical device designed to address various sexual dysfunctions, including Genito-pelvic pain, penetration disorder (GPPPD), and painful intercourse. The product is made with body-safe materials and is adaptable to different preferences and body types, making it a gender-neutral option in the sexual wellness market.

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