An extensive evaluation conducted by Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex (part of the Health Innovation Network), in collaboration with MUTU Systems and Unity Insights, showed substantial impact of the MUTU System in addressing postpartum pelvic health symptoms within the NHS.

Postpartum pelvic health remains an underserved area within women’s healthcare, with many women experiencing long-term conditions impacting their well-being. However, reluctance to seek medical help due to various barriers perpetuates the issue. Recognizing this gap, the MUTU System offers an online program that empowers women to manage conditions like pelvic organ prolapse (POP), urinary incontinence (UI), and dyspareunia (painful sex) from the privacy of their homes.

The evaluation, conducted by Unity Insights, unveils insights into the efficacy of the MUTU System. Statistically significant improvements in pelvic health symptoms were observed among postpartum patients, regardless of whether they were attending specialist physiotherapy appointments or self-paying. Patient feedback further highlights the system’s efficacy, with a remarkable 100% of NHS GP practice patients reporting increased confidence in identifying pelvic floor muscles and symptoms.

Jenny Partridge, Innovation Manager at Health Innovation KSS, said: “This evaluation has shown the significant gap in understanding and metrics of how pelvic health impacts on women’s day to day lives. A simple intervention, such as MUTU System, can make a big difference, and because it can be easily accessed in private, it encourages use from across our community.”

The integration of MUTU System referral pathways within GP settings, as highlighted by Sarah Leng, Transformation and Digital Lead at Medway South PCN, exemplifies its seamless incorporation into existing healthcare pathways. Moreover, Dr. Alexander Streeter de Diego, GP Partner at Farnham Dene Medical Practice, pointed out its simplicity in reaching patients, thereby preventing long-term issues associated with pelvic health.

Cost-benefit analysis reveals a positive Net Present Value, indicating a potential return on investment over a five-year period. This underscores the system’s viability in supporting women’s postpartum recovery and aligns with the NHS Long Term Plan’s goal of improving access to postpartum physiotherapy.

The evaluation’s findings underscore the significance of integrating innovative solutions like the MUTU System into mainstream healthcare practices, paving the way for improved postpartum care and enhanced women’s health outcomes.

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