WellNested Cofounders Stephanie Rampello and Karina Akib, Image: WellNested

Leading D2C postnatal care company, Mombox, announced today its acquisition of WellNested, a Boston-based technology solution company designed to help new parents find and book quality and affordable postnatal care services. Mombox plans to integrate the technology as part of its larger relaunch later this year. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. WellNested’s Chief Operating Officer, Karina Akib, will join Mombox to oversee the digital integration and product rollout.

Mombox ships labor and delivery recovery kits to new moms across the United States, filled with a highly curated assortment of best-in-class postpartum recovery products. Wellnested was founding in 2019 by MIT grads Karina Akib and Stephanie Rampello, WellNested makes it affordable and easy for new parents to connect with trusted wellness experts for in-home and virtual care, recommended based on their unique needs, with expert guidance every step of the way.

“WellNested’s technology dramatically reduces the time it takes to book postnatal care services,” said Mombox CEO Kate Westervelt. “What once took eight hours of frustrating phone calls to find and book a well-qualified lactation consultant, now takes five minutes thanks to WellNested’s proprietary algorithm. This technology is sorely needed in the postpartum world where exhausted mothers need hassle-free access to care after the baby arrives.”

“Anytime it takes a new mother endless phone calls, online searches, and insurance claims to receive the support she needs as a new parent, her own well-being disproportionately gets overlooked. Our mission to reduce the barriers that exist between care providers and new mothers aligns with Mombox’s goal of delivering radically improved postnatal care at home. We’re elated to see our technology integrate with Mombox’s core product.” said WellNested co-founder Stephanie Rampello.

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