Health impact startup, MedAnswers has announced it has partnered with Organic Conceptions, an emotional health and wellness company for those challenged by fertility issues. Through the FertilityAnswers mobile application, MedAnswers now provides the clinically validated survey, FertiQol, to its patient health profile to assess its users’ emotional wellness and quality of life as it relates to their ability to cope with struggling to have a baby.

With its robust data analytics MedAnswers provides a customized, emotional health insight report to its community of highly-engaged fertility users based on their FertilQol survey results. The company then recommends an action plan based on the results including accessing a pre-negotiated discount for the research-backed, self-paced Organic Concepotions program or to contact a specially trained Fertility Advocate for free.

“More than half of the FertilityAnswers community does not have access to adequate mental health services specific to infertility. I am thrilled to bring this valuable tool to our fertility community and to be working with founders, Marc & Erin Sherman and the Organic Conceptions team,” said MedAnswers CEO and co-founder Alice Crisci. “Mental health and wellness while coping with any crisis is still so often overlooked. We believe this partnership is a big move towards raising awareness about our emotional needs during infertility and empowering our users with the critical tools they need all in the privacy of their own home.”

Organic Conceptions helps couples reduce their stress and restore joy despite enduring challenges like recurrent pregnancy loss, male factor infertility and recent infertility diagnoses. Leveraging their proprietary groundbreaking research, Organic Conceptions psychology development team has mapped nine steps tracking those people who were able to move from infertility crisis to fertility victory. The company offers consumers a self-paced program, private coaching and community support, and also offers fertility clinics a robust range of training and resources to reduce staff burnout and attrition.

Marc Sherman, Organic Conceptions CEO adds, “The FertilityAnswers app is a trusted resource among the community struggling with fertility issues. We are honored that our clinically validated approach can be shared with this community through this resource and we are looking forward to providing emotional stamina and resilience to as many individuals, couples and the clinics treating them as we can.”

FertilityAnswers has helped over 100,000 people access personalized answers to their fertility questions from pre-vetted experts and board-certified clinicians across 13 different health categories anonymously and free-of-charge through the FertilityAnswers app; publicly through its popular Ask Us Anything Instagram Live Series, and privately through board-certified clinicians and experts, for a small fee. Using machine learning and AI, FertilityAnswers’ Smart Suggestion Feature matches users with actionable steps, resources, products and clinicians – facilitating their path to parenthood. The FertilityAnswers App will now include the Organic Conceptions approach as an option when matched through the proprietary algorithm.

“We view this partnership as the logical next step for our community to access quality, affordable care during their efforts to conceive, while ensuring our mission of total and complete inclusivity,” Crisci said.

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