Maven Clinic has announced an agreement with Cleveland Clinic that will bring best-in-class virtual and in-person fertility care to Maven members in Ohio and nationwide.

Through this agreement, Maven corporate partners and their members will have access to dedicated support, including appointment scheduling, enhanced care coordination, financial counseling and other support services offered by Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center. This adds a key layer of support to the virtual care members receive on Maven, which includes around-the-clock, on-demand support for employees as they plan and raise a family, and easy reimbursement for covered fertility services.

The agreement between Maven and Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center comes at a time when employer-provided fertility benefits have become more in demand than ever before. According to recent research from Maven and Great Place to Work, three in four (75%) companies deemed Best Workplaces for Parents provide support for fertility services. With one in seven couples struggling to conceive, and infertility treatments costing upwards of $23,000 per cycle, employers are looking for high-quality care that supports the needs of their workforce while driving down costs. Helping employees find the right fertility clinic with high success rates and patient satisfaction can play a big role in this.

“We are thrilled that members in the Midwest will have access to one of the world’s great medical institutions for fertility and maternity care, along with the compassionate support through our digital platform that they know and trust,” said Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center not only exceeds Maven’s standards for clinical quality, but also has a track record of outperforming industry benchmarks on key metrics like singleton live birth rates and single embryo transfer rates. That’s why Cleveland Clinic is the preferred fertility clinic destination for Maven members from Ohio. The addition of Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center to the Maven partner network means that Maven members will be able to transition seamlessly between best-in-class virtual and in-person care, and from fertility to maternity care as they grow their families.

Roughly half of Maven fertility members enroll in Maven without a fertility clinic, and the process of finding a clinic can be complex. Maven’s fertility clinic referral network helps make this process more seamless and efficient by steering members to the highest quality in-person fertility care available, where members have the greatest likelihood of achieving a successful outcome.

Maven’s fertility clinic referral network is part of the company’s comprehensive Fertility and Family Building program. This program — which was built to address the full spectrum of family-building needs — offers inclusive, accessible care for every path to parenthood, from fertility treatments to adoption and surrogacy. Through the Fertility and Family Building program, members have 24/7 access to Maven’s Care Advocates and specialists; personalized care plans that help members achieve successful pregnancies and avoid unnecessary treatment; and easy-to-use expense reimbursement through Maven Wallet, Maven’s expense management tool.

“At our Fertility Center, we know firsthand how complex starting a family can be,” said Tristi Muir, MD, Chair of Cleveland Clinic’s Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute. “Our fertility experts provide treatment in a caring environment, where major emphasis is placed on accessibility, personal attention, emotional support and technological excellence. As one of Maven’s preferred fertility clinic destinations, we look forward to supporting these individuals throughout their fertility journey.” 

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