Image: Matrix Health & Care

Matrix Health and Care has been granted a patent from the USPTO for Matrix, an innovative self-use pelvic assessment tool aimed at enhancing gynecological examinations. Distinct from traditional speculums, Matrix emphasizes patient comfort and control, allowing for self-administration in clinical settings and integrating real-time data transmission for clinical evaluation and research.

The patent marks a significant milestone for Matrix Health & Care and its commitment to revolutionizing women’s healthcare. Developed under the leadership of Stiliyana Minkovska, Founder & CEO of the company, Matrix addresses the low attendance rates in cervical screenings by offering a discreet, patient-friendly alternative.

Matrix’s capabilities extend beyond standard cervical screenings, potentially transforming STI screenings and reproductive assessments. Its approval signifies a crucial step in healthcare innovation, focusing on patient-centered, technology-driven solutions. This now patented device is set to advance the landscape of gynecological healthcare, marrying technological advancement with patient empowerment.

Stiliyana Minkovska, Matrix Founder & CEO, shares on LinkedIn: “A true “pinch me” moment when just over a year after a non-provisional patent application was filed, it has been officially granted and sealed in gold to serve as an everlasting reminder. Matrix is determined to change the world…at least the world of gynaecological and women’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health.”

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