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Women’s health startup Kiira Health, backed by over $4M in venture capital is launching its first brick-and-mortar flagship location in Los Angeles. The company’s mission is to increase access to medical care and other health resources for young women.

According to recent national surveys, LA County may experience a shortage of qualified OBGYNs by 2025. Currently, women in Los Angeles are experiencing 20-day average wait times for OBGYNs and furthermore finding OBGYNs of color have become even more daunting. This means that women stand a chance of missing out on preventative care, routine exams, and prenatal care or being at an increased risk when it comes time for delivery. This is where Kiira comes in to address this need with a multicultural team of providers offering same-day virtual and in-person appointments open seven days a week and later than typical care centers.

Kiira,started delivering care via telemedicine amidst the pandemic in 2020 through its mobile app where people could talk to doctors and therapists 24/7. Through the Kiira app, members have access to their care team through telehealth visits and chat messages. Now Kiira is going a step further by creating an inclusive, personalized, culture-centered, and high-tech flagship location which will deliver gynecology, primary care, mental health, and other wellness services.

The decision to open this first brick-and-mortar location in Los Angeles is part of a more significant move towards hybrid care delivery experiences that are comprehensive, safe, convenient, and affordable for women of different backgrounds.

Kiira Health Founder & CEO Crystal Adesanya explains: “We have designed Kiira connected care, a care model that gives people more choices and establishes comprehensive, personalized, and truly interconnected patient workflows to support a combination of telehealth and in-person appointments. We believe that people should be able to decide who they want to see and where based on what they are most comfortable with, and what life or health circumstances require virtual care, in-person care, or both. Whether at a clinic or delivering care to a person’s home.”

In addition to the Melrose location, the company is launching a mobile clinic initiative to go into communities with limited access to care. With transportation being a massive barrier in the LA area and a social determinant of health, this important initiative is set to move the needle and close a gap that will ensure a change in the way people receive care from wherever they are.

Kimberly Phipps MD FACOG, Kiira Health’s Clinical Medical Director says: “Our mission is to provide personable, comprehensive care virtually or in person. We are delivering care that is accessible, affordable, and of high quality. Everyone deserves excellent medical care and to be treated with respect and kindness. With a commitment to serving our diverse community, Kiira delivers a tech-forward, innovative patient experience emphasizing education, outreach, and empowerment.”

According to the Kiira team, this flagship will serve as a blueprint for all our future locations. Members will enjoy a warm and welcoming clinic with a cozy and functional lounge, beautiful exam rooms named after strong powerful female leaders, and a personalized care experience fit for queens.

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