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Lady Technologies, the company behind kegg, has announced a $1.5M seed II round to invest in B2B growth. This brings the company’s total funding to $3M. This latest round was led by Crescent Ridge Partners Allison Long-Pettine and Maria Gonzalez-Blanch. Other participants include SOSV, Texas Halo Fund, Althea Capital Fund, Ad Astra Ventures, Viento Ventures, fermata, and the Intent Impact Fund.

Lady Technologies launched its first product, the smart fertility monitor called kegg, in 2020. Unlike others on the market that analyze either urine or body temperature, kegg gains insights directly from the cervical fluid in the vagina. Cervical fluid has the power to identify the full fertile window, peak fertility, and the intimate hormonal health of a woman. This way women can track their cycles in real-time and witness the development of their fertility cycles over longer periods. This is particularly helpful for those looking to conceive or considering fertility treatments.  

Prior to launch, kegg was used in an independent research study (which has been submitted for publication and now awaits approval from the IEEE). Renowned European fertility specialist Dr. Ales Bourek supported the initial design and R&D of the product, and applied it in his private practice in the Czech Republic to monitor his patients. Dr. Bruno Strul and his team from Apical instruments also supported the research and development of this specific use of impedance technology in a consumer medical device, and kegg is currently in use across various research projects and patient pilots programs in the USA and Japan.

Research has shown that cervical fluid is the key determinant of fertile windows and cyclical health in women, but up until now it was an expensive and inefficient form of monitoring due to its private nature. “We currently have probably the largest data set on cervical fluid changes. Before kegg, this data was expensive to not only obtain but also to use, so we are thrilled for the inbound interest we are receiving. Cervical fluid is crucial to understanding not just conception possibilities, but also overall women’s health and the impact of certain treatments. We are uniquely positioned with our technology, our growing data set, and our users who are helping to close the data gap in research and monitoring. This additional capital enables us to take part in new pilots and research collaborations that will lead to more B2B models in the future.” said Kristina Cahojova, Founder & CEO of kegg

With a new round of funding and data, Lady Technologies also hopes to expand beyond fertility and innovate in the service of perimenopause, menopause, postpartum, infections and more.

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