Earlier this week Jubel Health announced the launch of its app-based personal fertility guide. The platform was built together with leading reproductive doctors and other health experts as a one-stop-shop of resources to support women on their fertility journey. 

The newly launched Jubel app has been in public beta for a while, and features 24/7 chat for personalized information and insights, fireside chats with fertility experts, 1:1 coaching, access to a supportive community as well as exclusive perks and discounts. The company’s goal is to empower women on their fertility journey from preconception to pregnancy and beyond. “Our goal is to change outcomes before you even get pregnant”, Jubel Founder & CEO Rachel Bond told Femtech Insider. 

Jubel is currently available in the U.S.; plans start at $14.99 per month, which grants women full access to the service. The company plans to raise another round (Series A) later this year.

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