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Innovaccer, the San Francisco-based healthcare technology company, has announced the launch of a new Innovation Accelerator program. The Innovaccer Health Cloud unifies patient data across systems and settings, and empowers healthcare organizations to rapidly develop scalable, modern applications that improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Innovaccer’s solutions have been deployed across more than 1,000 care settings in the U.S., enabling more than 37,000 providers to transform care delivery and work collaboratively with payers and life sciences companies.

The new Innovation Accelerator program is a new partner and marketplace ecosystem with the goal to help digital health innovators roll-out their solutions through the power of the Innovaccer Health Cloud. The program allows partners and digital health innovators to create interoperable solutions and enhancements that leverage the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s unparalleled ability to swiftly collect, connect, and activate healthcare data from virtually any source—including more than 100 EHRs, HIEs, payers, pharmacies, labs, and partners. In addition to rapidly building interoperable solutions, partners can spark new business opportunities through the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s Marketplace. Their solutions will be promoted and available to Innovaccer’s customer base of more than 37,000 health systems.

“Our data model is unique because it’s fundamentally organized around the whole patient,” said Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. “The unified patient record—a single source of clinical and financial truth—is at the center of the Innovaccer Health Cloud’s ecosystem. And that’s what makes this program distinctive. We’re bringing the industry together around a common vision and mission to help healthcare care as one.”

These 14 companies have already partners with Innovaccer and are part of the new Innovation Accelerator program:

  • Acclivity Health Solutions is a trusted healthcare technology company with a mission to improve access to appropriate health care for patients with advanced illnesses.
  • Aunt Bertha is the leading referral platform for social services in America, serving the biggest cities and smallest towns. It connects people seeking help and the verified social care providers that serve them, with dignity and ease.
  • b.well Connected Health is a healthcare technology company providing platform services comprising five core capabilities that work together to enable health systems, payers, and employers with a configurable and personalized digital health experience for their populations.
  • CareSignal Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring™ is a scalable, evidence-based remote monitoring solution that improves payer and provider performance in value-based care by engaging and identifying rising-risk patients.
  • DocSpera is a HIPAA-compliant leading software platform for surgeons and surgical staff, DocSpera’s platform is used by thousands of surgeons and care teams across many leading institutions to coordinate and manage pre-and post-operative patient care and drive better efficiency and outcome.
  • Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people make better health decisions.
  • Jvion, a leader in clinical artificial intelligence, enables providers, payers and other healthcare entities to identify and prevent avoidable patient harm, utilization and costs.
  • Nixxi, based in Phoenix, AZ, is a women’s health company with a mission to improve pregnancies and pregnancy outcomes.
  • PatientPing is an innovative care collaboration platform that reduces the cost of healthcare and improves patient outcomes by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care.
  • PeerWell is a musculoskeletal recovery platform that has helped thousands of patients prepare for surgery or avoid it altogether. By activating the patient, PeerWell lowers risk, speeds up recovery, and improves return-to-work times.
  • Perception Health is a healthcare analytics and data modeling company that identifies the provider relationships that drive revenue, cost and quality within care networks and predicts future disease diagnosis for patients.
  • RubiconMD advances its mission to democratize medical expertise by connecting primary care clinicians to top specialists. Through its digital platform, RubiconMD enables the remote exchange of insights between clinicians that eliminates unnecessary referrals and services, reduces patient wait time and travel burdens and allows primary care to practice at the top of their license.
  • Suki is the leader in voice technology for healthcare, providing AI-powered voice solutions for clinicians and administrators.
  • Wysa is a global leader in AI-driven mental health support, available both to individuals and through employer benefits programs.

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