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Inherent Biosciences and Genomic Prediction have announced a new commercial partnership to integrate Inherent Biosciences’ Epigenetic Sperm Quality Test (SpermQT), into Genomic Prediction’s clinical laboratory tests, focusing on male reproductive health.

For a long time, the narrative around infertility has primarily focused on women, with limited progress in providing men with actionable insights into their fertility. The SpermQT test, developed by Inherent Biosciences and marketed under the brand Path Fertility, offers an in-depth analysis of sperm quality and functionality, crucial for understanding male fertility potential. This test assesses sperm’s capability to find, bind, and fertilize an egg, offering a comprehensive view that was previously hard to achieve.

Genomic Prediction brings its expertise in pre-implantation genetic testing with its LifeView tests, known for their high-resolution analysis and rigorous validation process. These tests aim to reduce false results, lower the risk of miscarriage and genetic diseases, and improve the success rates of fertility treatments.

The partnership between Inherent Biosciences and Genomic Prediction is expected to improve the accuracy and actionability of fertility diagnostics for men to the partnership. By combining SpermQT’s sperm functionality insights with LifeView tests’ genetic screening capabilities, the collaboration provides fertility specialists and patients with enhanced diagnostic tools.

“In our journey to raise the standard of care, partnering with Genomic Prediction was a natural fit,” says Andy Olson, CEO of Inherent Biosciences. “Their commitment to excellence and innovation in genetic testing aligns perfectly with our mission to bring forward a new era where fertility decisions are made with the best science has to offer.”

Echoing the sentiment, Kelly Ketterson, CEO of Genomic Prediction, adds: “The addition of SpermQT to our portfolio marks a transformative leap forward in sperm testing. Together, we are setting a new standard in reproductive health, ensuring that every couple has the best possible chance to achieve their dream of parenthood.”

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