After founding women’s health innovation focused NGO & community NOGAFem in Israel a while ago, co-founders Dr. Ronell Klingman and Dr. Michal Sela are now expanding their impact and launching impact.51, a new venture studio. Goal of the new incubator, that was co-created with Think Creative’s Michal Shalem and Michal Lebenthal Andreson, is to scale a critical mass pipeline of ideation and startups that will innovate and reimagine women’s health.

impact.51 launched a few weeks ago and is planning to run three ideation sprints per year. During each sprint the team plans to explore up to 10 ideas, which it will take from idea to MVP and investment readiness. The team expects to spin out 12-14 startups over the next 5 years.

In an interview, the team shared: We are united in passion and purpose to reimagine and reroute women’s health, yet diversified in skills and expertise so that we ensure we can bring a well-rounded and diverse offering to the table. Mostly, we are mission-led.”

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