London-based Hormona, a digital health startup focused on hormonal health, has raised £1.2M in pre-seed funding from Nascent Invest AB, Techstars and Blackheat Capital AB. The company plans to use the new funds for R&D and to grow the team ahead of its launch in Europe this fall, which will be followed by a U.S. launch in early 2023.

Hormona was founded in 2020 by Karolina Lofqvist and Jasmine Tagesson as a result of Lofqvist’s personal struggle with hormone imbalance. Core to the company’s offering is a proprietary at-home urine test, that is currently still under development, and will measure three hormones in less than 15 minutes to “empower women with information that helps them to be able to understand and manage their hormones with confidence” as the team shares. More details about the test and hormones measured aren’t being disclosed at this point in time.

Hormona Co-founder & CEO Karolina Löfqvist explains: “By controlling the most essential body functionalities, our hormones play a key role for our health and affect us women on a daily basis, throughout life. They are constantly changing, and changing a lot. But who guides us through these massive hormonal changes? Who’s there to tell us if a change is expected, normal or abnormal? Today? No one! This is what we are on a mission to change! Hormona was created to empower women to live healthier and happier lives in harmony with their hormones. Our hope is to save millions of women the cost and pain of going through the same journey as I did, and to develop an affordable way for women to track and understand their hormones to allow easier transitions through the various stages of a woman’s life.”

Hormona is currently part of Techstars Los Angeles and won the Slush 100 pitch competition last year.

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