Health in Her Hue Founder Ashlee Wisdom. Image: Health in Her Hue

Health In Her HUE, the digital health platform, specifically designed for Black women and women of color, recently announced the closing of a a $3M seed funding round. This investment is aimed at enhancing the company’s growth by expanding its talent pool and developing new programs and products. The funding round was spearheaded by Seae Ventures and saw participation from several notable entities including Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures, Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab, Genius Guild, HBCU Founders Fund, Stanford Impact Fund, and a group of angel investors.

Established in 2018, Health In Her HUE connects its members with culturally sensitive and responsive healthcare providers and content. The platform addresses the unique challenges that Black women and women of color often face in accessing equitable healthcare. Ashlee Wisdom, the CEO and founder of Health In Her HUE, has a rich background in the healthcare industry spanning over a decade and is committed to improving healthcare outcomes for this demographic.

The platform currently serves nearly 13,000 members and offers a range of services to support their healthcare journey:

  1. Connections: This feature includes a directory of over 1,300 diverse providers across 60 specialties. It allows members to search for healthcare providers that meet their specific needs, ensuring personalized and culturally responsive care.
  2. Content: Health In Her HUE provides a wealth of educational health content, ranging from long and short-form videos, articles, to live and on-demand virtual events. These resources are designed to keep women informed and proactive in their healthcare journey.
  3. Community: The platform also hosts forums where women can discuss and learn about various health topics. This includes the Care Squad Program, offering a physician-designed curriculum and peer support groups on subjects like fibroids, fertility, mental health, and more.

“I’m proud of the impact Health In Her HUE has achieved thus far to ensure Black women and women of color have a safe space to prioritize their holistic health and well-being,” said Wisdom. “I know first-hand the challenges women of color face to receive equal quality of care while not feeling seen and heard by the healthcare system. Health In Her HUE is uniquely positioned to address the existing racial health disparities and connect our members with providers who are committed to hearing and understanding their unique lived experiences, while providing quality care accordingly.”

“Ashlee’s passion and vision for connecting Black women and women of color to culturally competent care is what drew our attention initially. Her focus on this vision, and ability to create a community, a team and a platform to make this vision a reality is what keeps us excited about Health In Her HUE and Ashlee’s leadership. We were thrilled to lead this round of financing and look forward to continuing to support Ashlee on this journey to help more Black women and women of color access the health care providers, services and resources that are committed to their health and well-being,” said Arianne Kidder, a Partner at Seae Ventures.

Health In Her HUE’s journey began with a $1.2M pre-seed round in 2021 to develop the platform. With the latest round of funding, the total investment in the company now stands at $4.2M.

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