UK-based sexual health company HANX has launched HANX Fix, a new online contraceptive pill delivery service. The new offering allows customers over the age of 18 to choose from over 30 difference types of contraceptive pills. The order process includes a consultation with a specialist pharmacy team, to support women find the right contraceptive for them, and helping them to find the right pill for them as needed. prescription which will be delivered directly and discreetly, without any need to schedule an appointment with a sexual health clinic or doctor. Once arrived, customers will be able to understand the exact content of their pill with the easy to digest language, purposely used to cut through the medical terminology often found on prescriptions and medicines.

The launch follows the release of results of a recent survey by HANX, that revealed that 35% of contraceptive pill users have missed taking their pill because they were unable to access a new prescription. Furthermore the survey revealed that nearly seven in 10 (67.9%) of oral contraception pill users have taken it for reasons other than birth control, with reasons including the management of heavy menstrual bleeding (35%), painful periods (33%), irregular menstrual bleeding (27%), and PCOS (24%).

Dr Sarah Welsh, NHS Gynecology Doctor and Co-Founder of HANX explains: “During my time working in sexual health clinics, I saw first hand the difficulties people often face when trying to access or change their pill – and many were further restricted by COVID lockdowns. We wanted to create a­­ convenient and accessible online service that offers control, knowledge and choice to those who want to use the pill for birth control and beyond. I’m proud that we’re also offering a digital safe space to support, educate and advise customers through what has traditionally been a daunting and intimidating process. We like to think of it as the Pill – but with more chill.”

To accompany the contraceptive pill offering, HANX is also launching an online Morning After Pill service. In contrast with previously available options, the new emergency contraceptive is available to order in advance and can be stored at home. The pill has a 3 year minimum shelf life, removing any panic or time pressure which women may experience when sourcing it during the 3-5 day windows after having unprotected sex.

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