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Flo Health, a popular women’s health app with 50 million monthly active users, has announced the open-sourcing of its Anonymous Mode feature hoping to share the technology with the broader femtech industry and promote stricter privacy standards.

Anonymous Mode by Flo Health enables users to utilize the app without associating their personal identifiers with their health data. The feature incorporates the Oblivious HTTP (OHTTP) protocol, setting a new standard for data privacy. To enhance security, Flo has incorporated post-quantum cryptography into Anonymous Mode, ensuring the long-term protection of sensitive health information. Flo’s Anonymous Mode has received recognition, including the 2022 IAPP Privacy Innovation Award.

Sue Khan, Vice President of Privacy and Data Protection Officer at Flo Health, commented: “We firmly believe that every woman deserves the right to track their health without concern. If you’re using a period tracker, check whether you have a way of using the app anonymously. If you don’t, either insist that they adopt Anonymous Mode or choose another provider. It is the responsibility of every women’s health product to commit to high privacy and security standards, and by open-sourcing Anonymous Mode and giving away part of our IP, we are democratizing access across the industry.” 

The open-source OHTTP protocol is now available to all for free via GitHub. Flo Health encourages companies with compatible solutions to utilize their open-source libraries for iOS and Android. For more information and access to the OHTTP open source, visit Flo Health’s GitHub profile.

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