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Now imagine: thousands of women starting to build confidence, owning their sh**.

Now imagine all of them start fighting for better relationships, higher salaries, starting in businesses, investing, and setting better boundaries… What a change will that make!

Our mission is to allow as many women as possible to become empowered, and confident and take the power back.

We do this by hosting workshops, events, coaching calls and connecting a large pool of experts in women’s wellbeing with amazing women to begin a larger movement.

We are expanding this movement from our community of 80 women to a larger audience. And we invite you to be part of it.

The bigger movement begins on June 23rd at our Debunking Taboos in Women’s Wellbeing Panel.

The goal of the event is to bring women together in a safe space and start a shameless movement to talk about our bodies, health, periods, sex, etc.

The event is for:

  • Women who are ready to be part of THE movement
  • Women looking for community
  • Female founders want to share their products and find like-minded people
  • Men wanting to understand women’s health and advocate for women in all settings


Giulia Sale: Founder & CEO of Six Pillars. Giulia is a Neuro Coach, on a mission to make wellbeing more accessible to women.

About the panellists:

  • Nour Kayali: Menstrual Cycle Coach and Yoga Teacher.
  • Valentine Bordet: Founder of The Self Pleasure Club. Valentine is empowering people to boldly explore their pleasure.
  • Sarah Bocquillon: Sarah is a registered Nutritional Therapist, certified in Environmental Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Charlotte Boundy: Charlotte is an empowerment figurative artist, helping women deal with endometriosis, PCOS and fertility.
  • Joy Mpofu: Joy is a female sexuality advocate.

    About Our Sponsors

WellMatch: A market place platform application where freelance professionals can market their services, acquire clients and grow their network.
Outset Wellness: Reshaping wellness to fit into your world. Our app smartly integrates with your calendar and adjusts to local weather, ensuring you get personalized workout suggestions that fit your schedule and surroundings. Motivating, supportive, and engaging, Outset is designed to help you build lasting wellness habits effortlessly.

Location: Vagina Museum, Bethnal Green


Welcome Drinks: 19.00
Sponsor Time, Lavinia, Founder of WellMatch: 19.15
Panel: 19.30
Sponsor Time, Sonia, Founder of Outset: 21.00
Drinks & Networking: 21.15
Event ends at 22.00

About Tickets 

This is a not-for-profit event and our ticket sales allow us to cover our costs in lieu of big sponsors (hopefully one day!)

Accessibility is important to us and there are a variety of ticket options, including virtual and pay-it-forward, to make the event as accessible as possible whilst remaining feasible (pay-it-forward tickets are to support someone elses attendance in-person, all you need to do is purchase one and it will be assigned, and if you would like to request a free ticket through our pay-it-forward scheme please email and a member of the Six Pillars Team will be in touch).

How to Support 
We’d love to have as many supporting partners involved as possible to provide accessible and practical solutions to the women’s health community, so if you are interested in getting involved or are able to support in some way for this event, the community, or otherwise, please do get in touch directly via our application form here:

A bartender will be available at the venue, please feel free to bring dinner or drinks with you. If you are no longer able to attend the event, please unregister to allow others on the waiting list to attend.

We hope to see you there!

Find out that what you go through is normal.

Meet with like-minded people.

Be part of the movement.


Date And Time

2024-06-23 @ 07:00 PM to
2024-06-23 @ 10:00 PM

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