In 2021 the team behind Women’s Health Innovation Summit is organizing a series of events leading up to its signature event in the fall. The second event in this series, the Women 40+ Innovation Summit will take place virtually on June 22 & 23.

Whilst there has been an improved focus on Women’s Health and Femtech Innovations, the industry has yet to extend its innovative arm to the unmet needs of women at the mid-stage of life. Often described as the ‘invisible’ age bracket, the health needs of women at this pivotal life-stage have been severely neglected, reflecting a poor understanding of both the magnitude of unmet need, and the commercial potential of creating solutions.

The Women 40+ Innovation Summit is bringing together leading entrepreneurs, practitioners and industry leaders who are committed to investing in better health solutions and outcomes for women at an often challenging and transitional phase of life. At the summit experts will be exploring a broad cross-section of health concerns including menopause, perimenopause, healthy ageing (or aging well!), osteoporosis, incontinence, mental health and female-prevalent cancers.

Attendees include pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, start-ups, telehealth companies, HCPs, investors, top CP’s and genetic testing innovators to drive solutions, awareness and spark discussion that will facilitate the partnerships and investments needed to advance the industry.

If you’d like to attend Fertility Innovation Summit you can register here.

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