Ianne Celeste Rivera

As a Xicana teacher, healer, and creator born n’ raised in Southern California, Ianne (ee-YAW-neh) serves her community as an Embodiment Composer, producing sonic rituals, sensual practices, and immersive events for emotional wellness and pleasure liberation. 

In 2020, she began producing and hosting the podcast Pleasure Revolution – an immersive audio experience of interviews, personal reflections, and musical sensual explorations called sonic rituals.  Her listenership is supported to not just intellectualize but experience the nuanced, dynamic and multifaceted nature of pleasure.   

That same year, Ianne became the founder and creator of the first World Pleasure Day on August 18th  – a day to open the mind, celebrate the body, and elevate the Spirit of pleasure!  In 2021, its second year of celebration, Ianne welcomes you to experience this year’s theme of pleasure as L.I.G.H.T. – Liberation Insight Guidance Healing Technology