Bayer and Hologic have announced a collaboration to introduce a solution for contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM), a technique enhancing breast tissue visualization for improved breast cancer detection and treatment guidance.

Contrast-enhanced mammography is a breast imaging modality aiding in breast cancer diagnosis. By integrating Hologic’s mammography technologies with Bayer’s contrast delivery system, the MEDRAD Stellant FLEX Computed Tomography (CT) Injection System, the collaboration aims to simplify the process for radiologists and imaging facilities, offering seamless integration and educational support.

Sven Schmidt, Head of Region Americas Radiology at Bayer, stated, “We are working with Hologic to increase access to contrast-enhanced mammography. Together, we aim to provide a solution for patients and healthcare professionals.”

The collaboration addresses a critical need in breast cancer detection, highlighted by the American Cancer Society’s estimation of approximately 310,720 new cases of invasive breast cancer in 2024. Contrast-enhanced mammography has gained recognition as an adjunct to traditional mammography, particularly in cases with inconclusive findings from previous imaging procedures.

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