Anthem and Happify Health are teaming up to help bridge the gap between the unique physical and mental health concerns women face. The new joint program support women throughout their maternal health journey with solutions such as ongoing education, case management, and care coordination.

“As a mother to three, I felt what all moms feel – that pregnancy is a roller coaster ride, from preconception to postpartum care,” said Bryony Winn, President, Health Solutions at Anthem, Inc. “Our partnership with Happify is about improving every aspect of the pregnancy experience – whether it pertains to physical or behavioral health – and meeting all the various needs of moms.”

Happify Health’s approach is anchored in Sequences, which are digital experiences configured to support specific medical conditions. Sequences weave together, in one unified platform, components like evidence-based digital therapeutics, online communities, coaching, and localized resources, with care recommendations tailored for each individual. They are open by design and can integrate with existing systems and point solutions, with members able to seamlessly navigate to the offering that suits their needs.

Anthem is collaborating with Happify Health to develop a Sequence focused on maternal health. Eligible members of Anthem’s affiliated health plans in select markets will have access to Happify Health’s online pregnancy community, where they can connect with mental health experts, obstetrics, and gynecology experts, dietitians, and other healthcare professionals, ask questions, and discuss their physical challenges, and develop meaningful connections with others dealing with similar health issues. Eligible members will also have access to Happify Health’s evidence-based digital therapeutics, including a new non-prescription digital therapeutic addressing mental health needs during pregnancy.

“We are thrilled to partner with Anthem and continue to support women’s health journeys and ultimately create better health outcomes,” said Ofer Leidner, President of Happify Health. “Many of Anthem’s affiliated health plan members will have access to personalized, science-based care solutions to improve health and well-being across the continuum of the care journey—from digital therapeutics and coaching to community support.”

Anthem intends to make the Happify Health Pregnancy Sequence available to eligible members in its affiliated health plans in select markets toward the end of this year.

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