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When Alife Health announced its $22M Series A last year, the company was focused on Stim Assist, the company’s first AI-enabled B2B product. Stim Assist, is used during the ovarian stimulation process, in which a patient receives an injection of medications to induce the ovaries to generate mature eggs. This stimulation allows clinicians to retrieve the eggs from the patient so they can be fertilized and implanted back into the uterus. Alife’s Stim Assist is an artificial intelligence tool built to provide clinicians with adjunctive information to support their decision-making as they attempt to retrieve the maximum number of mature eggs per cycle and reduce patient medication costs.

About a year later the company is now launching its first patient-facing innovation, a mobile application with the goal to help patients navigate their IVF journey from beginning to end. The Alife app is free for all iPhone users, offering easy-to-use test result tracking, medication and appointment reminders, educational information, and a timeline to prepare for next steps. 

“Beyond just creating AI software to enhance IVF outcomes on the clinical side, our team recognized the need to provide patients with better tools as well,” says Paxton Maeder-York, CEO of Alife. “We understand the stress that comes with managing the IVF process, from keeping track of loose paperwork to countless medication alarms. To alleviate this burden, we developed the Alife app – a comprehensive tool that enables patients to easily manage their IVF journey straight from their phones. By consolidating everything they need in one place, the Alife app empowers patients to stay informed and feel in control, which we hope will ultimately lead to a more positive and stress-free experience.”

Alife Advisor Halle Tecco adds: “After going through IVF multiple times myself, I can tell you that the time commitment needed to manage this process can be the equivalent of a part time job. The Alife app is the first resource for IVF patients that is truly built around the patient experience and fills gaps in the process. From pure organization to empowering patients with education on each step, the Alife app is a one-stop-shop for simplifying IVF management.”

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