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Kindra raises a $4.5M seed round to further grow its women’s wellness brand focused on menopause.

Organon completes the acquisition of Alydia Health, a medical device company focused on postpartum hemorrhage.

Women’s health startup Natalist expands to nearly 6000 stores in the U.S.

Hormonal Health Startup Allara Health announces a $2.5M raise and launches its care platform for women with PCOS.

Equip partners with CIgna to broaden access to eating disorder care.

Elidah’s ELITONE, an At-Home Incontinence Treatment is now covered by Medicare.

Merck announces the Kenneth C. Frazier Award for Maternal Health Equity to accelerate progress towards improved birth outcomes for all.

Raydiant Oximetry receives a $3M grant from the government of Ireland to continue work on its fetal monitor.

#NoApologiesPeriod: Bayer’s period pain relief brand Midol launches a new campaign encouraging period positivity.

The Pill Club takes on primary care with $41.9M in fresh funding.

In the Know

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Myth and Misdiagnosis Have Plagued Women’s Health for Centuries (Smithsonian Magazine)

New Stanford Medicine Course Aims to Improve Care for the LGBTQ+ Community (Stanford Medicine Scope Blog)

Expanding Behavioral Health for Underserved Populations Salomé Tibebu’s Mission (Forbes)

We Could All Use a Health Coach (NY Times)

Venture Funding for Mental Health Startups Hits Record High as Anxiety and Depression Skyrocket (Forbes)

Who’s Hiring? 

Rory is looking for a Freelance Health Writer.

Origin is hiring a Growth Marketing Associate.

The Pill Club is looking for a Market Access Manager.

Thinx is hiring a Senior Data Analyst.

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