UCSF Health Hub names Wildflower Health “Best FemTech Company”; Parsley Health nabs $26 million Series B to launch telemedicine products; New York State becomes first in the US to require tampons and pads to disclose ingredients; Bayer inks deal with 11 startups under G4A Digital Health Partnerships program; According to research done by ORCHA, only 15% of healthcare apps meet safety standards; Sentio Solutions raises $4.5 million for its digital therapeutic product, that combines wearable biosensors to detect emotional distress with an app; According to The Guardian, #femtech is cancelled.

Company Spotlight

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The current gold standard for early detection and breast cancer screening, mammography, requires high capital cost and experienced radiographers. Some startups have recognized this and are working on making early detection more cost-effective and accessible. 

iSONO has developed ATUSA, a patented 3D ultrasound scanner and AI to perform whole breast scans and localize breast lesions with consistent accuracy matching the best operators using traditional ultrasound equipment. 

At Eva Clinic, women will be able to perform a self-guided breast health assessment in just 10 mintues. The Eva breast exam is a 100% private and painless experience, enabled by a thermal breast monitoring system, that is non-invasive and doesn’t emit any type of radiation. 

Discovering Hands is a European initiative founded by Dr. Frank Hoffmann, a senior gynaecologist, who recognized the unique tactile abilities of visually impaired women in detecting the smallest lumps of breast cancer during physical examinations

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