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Role Summary: As a Senior Copywriter on Tia’s Content Studio, you will function as a master translator wordsmith responsible for the words that inspire, educate, and engage the Tia community. This role is about creation — writing the words, pairing words with design, and fusing the two together to tell compelling stories to the world. This role is multi-channel — across paid ads, Instagram stories, emails and out-of-home campaigns, you will produce standout content that translates science for the laywoman in a way that shapes the voice and story of Tia for the better. This role requires deep collaboration — with designers, Tia’s marketing leaders and product teams. While prior knowledge of healthcare or science writing is not required, to be successful, you will need to develop a nuanced understanding of Tia’s products and business in healthcare, and use words as a tool for translation and radical simplification to drive our business goals forward.

This is a 3-month contract (possible contract to hire) – we are looking for this person to work 40 hours per week (no less than 30).

We are bringing in Paid Ads in-house (currently outsourced) – this person would be responsible for owning the copy and execution for all Paid ads.


  1. Make something people want.
  2. Make the implicit explicit.
  3. Practice a meritocracy of ideas, but not consensus-based decision-making.
  4. Insist on diversity.
  5. Be willing to experiment despite the possibility of failure.
  6. Be driven to achieve excellence, but with regard to impact over effort.


  • You grew up in the ad agency world, and are ready to jump ship client side to a brand with an iconic voice.
  • You are a natural communicator and radical simplifier. You can “see through” words to deeply understand the messaging, communication, intention, intonation of the written and expressed word.
  • You are a fast-paced creator. You excel in a world with a lot of ideas and required output. You work fast, and produce high-quality pieces of writing.
  • You understand voices and voice shifts. You understand who “the speaker” is and what their audience needs to hear. You know how to speak to many different people as if you were many different people.
  • You are a team player. You know your writing is good, but you know it can be that much better with teamwork, including visuals to support messaging, feedback from teammates, and collaboration with other teams.
  • You are not precious about output. While you know your work is great, you’re not hurt or offended if it needs to be changed, scrapped, or tweaked. You know it’s all just a part of the process.
  • You are a team communicator. You know your deadlines, you communicate project status’, you attend meetings, you present your work articulately, you ask questions, and share feedback freely and respectfully.
  • You are detail obsessed. You see extra spaces and semicolons in your sleep and ensure all of your work is meticulously edited, dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s.


  • Copywriting. You can write long form, short form, and anything in-between. You know how to write an ad and an essay, and how exactly they are different.Editing. You know the difference between writing and editing and how to provide grammar/spelling/copy feedback as well as voice, tone and content feedback.
  • Paid ad development. You know what words sell and how to write for different platforms and target audiences.
  • Campaign development. You can see the big picture, and develop it across many channels, platforms, and messages.
  • Content strategy. You can connect who (audience) needs to know what (content) and when.
  • Empathy and tone. You understand that writing for females about their health can be a sensitive subject. You know when to turn the levers on tone. You understand “distinctly female.”


  • Create Tia’s written content across paid & organic channels 
      • Create highly engaging long form reads from blog posts to Tia guides
      • Create quippy and engaging captions and subject lines on marketing content channels.
      • Write copy for emails, blogs, Instagram captions and more in service of product/business goals
      • Develop paid ad concepts and captions that drive growth & conversion
      • Work closely with visual designers to create powerful messaging supported by compelling visual design that is distinctly Tia in all outputs.
  • Collaborate with Marketing & Design Producer to use the written word to marry brand values with product and business goals
      • From push notifications, to subject lines, to emails, ensure we communicate the right thing at the right time in the right voice to the right person.
      • Work closely with Marketing and Design Producer to determine how and what content to produce to get the best results
      • Use metrics to inform content and strategy decisions to ensure success across the Tia ecosystem — optimizing efforts to get the best results, while not losing the Tia voice.
      • Deeply understand project and business goals, ensuring messaging and creative meet intended goals.
  • Ensure all content is “science-backed” and translated to human-speak
      • Work closely with the Medical and Research teams to back up all content with linked, documented, and quoted high-quality research.
      • Receive information from the Medical and Research teams, and “Tia-fy” or translate into human, every-day person speak that’s also fun!
      • Deeply understand delivered information in order to be the steward to translate for others.
      • Know the user and what they need to know, while not talking down to them.
  • Be a key team player and idea generator on the Brand Team
    • Communicate with all Design Team members early and often.
    • Continue forming a true partnership between words and visual, constantly working in tandem to tell the best stories.
    • Ensure no “balls are dropped” in the process of making things.
    • Assist team members in sharing the work, ideas, feedback, and opinions, in efforts of producing the highest quality of work.
    • Document and share wins, suggestions, feedback, and failures in efforts to continually make the team stronger.
Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients.
If you’re are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women’s healthcare, join us!

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