We finally have the openness and research to take a clear-headed look at the many nuances of women's sexual pleasure. It's about time!

This is an opportunity to work in an environment where research forms the basis of the entire company. We are looking for multiple types of researchers to join us in conducting company-funded (that’s right, NO grant writing required) qualitative and quantitative studies and publishing papers about specific sexual pleasure and flourishing strategies that have never been explored before.

You might be one of these people:

  • A social scientist who would be lit up by investigating associations between specific pleasure techniques and populations’ flourishing outcomes. You’ll be designing and analyzing large-scale qualitative and quantitative data from nationally representative, cross-sectional surveys.
  • Or a measure-creation scientist. You’ll be involved in creating measures (developing scale items and conducting psychometric analyses) in important areas that have been historically neglected by researchers (e.g. new measures focusing on maladaptive and healthy beliefs about pleasure).
  • Or a longitudinal researcher excited by conducting efficacy studies. You’ll design research that evaluates the impact of as a sexual empowerment/knowledge resource for different populations (e.g. college students…) and that explores the extent to which growth of sexual self-knowledge, pleasure, agency, and confidence lead to enhanced health and wellness outcomes over time.


For Goodness Sake conducts large-scale scientific research to gather discoveries about taboo parts of life from tens of thousands of people. We then spread that knowledge through user-centered, radically open, and honest online experiences. is our flagship product, tastefully and straightforwardly presenting the array of ways women have discovered to have more sexual agency, confidence, and pleasure. Psychology Today called OMGYES, “warm, wise, tasteful and fun.” The London Times called it, “nothing less than the next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution.”

We’ve enjoyed great success and profitability from an increasing rate of organic word-of-mouth growth and MDs and clinicians recommending OMGYES. Our next phase of growth is to scale our process so we can research and create impact in other important parts of life.


We measure the significant positive psychological impact OMGYES has on its users. And those effects are what we design for and optimize for, not things like daily active users or time on site. The more people’s lives improve from the product experience, the more people recommend us, and the more our business continues to take off. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s a joy to be a part of.


  • A doctoral degree (PhD, ScD) in a social science discipline like sociology, psychology, or public health
  • Published extensively and loves the process: from hypothesis development to study design to literature reviews to writing, submitting, and revising peer-reviewed manuscripts.
  • A belief in open-access journals and that the public should be able to decipher and benefit from published research (not just clinicians and other scientists.) We emphasize open access publishing.
  • Expertise in the type of methods they are excited to work with as described under each type of researcher above: mixed-methods study design, survey-creation, psychometric measure creation, quantitative analysis, longitudinal study/efficacy trial design, thematic analysis.
  • Experience using happiness/wellbeing and flourishing/pleasure measures, not just measures of health issues and coping behaviors.
  • Self-directed ability to design and conduct research on a fast-paced schedule.

This position offers a competitive salary, a healthy work/life balance, and a great benefits package, including health, dental, vision, life, and monthly wellness stipend.

We are all remote during COVID-19 but look forward to eventually returning in person to our office in Berkeley, California. If there’s a great fit, we’re open to flexible work from home, fully remote work with occasional travel to work at the office alongside the team, and/or relocation assistance. (If you’re an academic and can’t move and/or take a full-time position, we’d still love to meet and consider you.)