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Role Summary: As the primary care MD in New York City,  your role is to deliver exceptional clinical care in line with the Tia care model which employs an integrative approach to whole person women’s healthcare. In this role your time will be spent: providing direct patient care and serving as a beacon for the Tia philosophy of care, and serving as a clinical resource for other clinical team members in the New York market, including nurse practitioners, dieticians, acupuncturists, etc. You are also a leader and support for all providers in efforts to uphold the care quality standards and deliver excellent patient care. You work with the other clinic leadership to help ensure that all providers feel motivated, trusted and empowered in their roles, and that they comply with local and national quality of care standards, documentation requirements, and that they deliver the best possible care.  You will work with the local clinic operational leads and the system Tia leadership to create a seamless and excellent patient care encounter for Tia patients.  You will work with other site clinical directors, the SVP of Medical Affairs, the Vice President of Clinical Operations to optimize clinical services at Tia, explore new service lines and work to ensure best care delivery of the Tia care model at your site.


  • Achieve excellence
  • Ask why, then why again
  • Use the tools in the Tia tool kit: integrating new research, integrative approaches to care and evidenced based practice into management and treatment decisions.
  • Engage in shared decision-making with patients
  • Integrity in patient care
  • Holistic patient care
  • Personalized care
  • Insist on diversity
  • Be compassionate


  • Excellent problem perception
  • Highly process oriented
  • Flexibility / adaptability in a start-up environment
  • Integrate non-standard approaches into clinical practice
  • Work with and motivate non-clinical personnel
  • Rally the troops through dynamic and changing environments
  • Keep the design in mind while making decisions
  • Escalate care concerns effectively
  • Holding people accountable
  • Clear communication
  • Excellent client service orientation


  • Deliver patient-centric care
  • Completed formal medical training, ideally with experience in women’s care with an integrative practice approach
  • Licensed as an independent health care provider in the state of CA (MD or DO) and in good standing in the medical community, including hospital-affiliated systems.
  • Maintains active privileges at our affiliated hospitals in the region and/or other hospitals deemed appropriate by Tia
  • Familiarity with regulations and requirements for care providers
  • Ability to collaborate and/or supervise Tia Nurse Practitioners in accordance with current state licensing and regulatory requirements.
  • Willingness to serve as a collaborating physician with nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants and maintain signed and current collaborative agreements per state law


  • Serve as a clinical leader at the Tia San Francisco clinic and driving towards excellence in creating an integrative women’s health care practice
    • Deliver patient care within the required scope of practice, ensure that the proper providers and training are in place to support any expansion in scope of practice (both from a skill and bandwidth perspective)
    • Ensure that the service line and support staff are in place to deliver the designated scope of practice
    • Support and lead call coverage arrangements as necessary to maintain 24/7 call coverage
    • Maintain required licensure and hospital privileges
    • Work with the Tia teams to ensure you are properly credentialed with payers and licensing agencies
    • Maintain or be in process to obtain Board certification in your specialty
    • Lead or participate in the research and community education efforts around integrative medicine
  • Practice within the Tia Care model at the San Francisco clinic, and motivate the other Tia team members to do so
    • Embody the Tia clinical model in practice at the Clinic
    • Participates in team trainings when appropriate to help ensure all team members deliver care up to clinical quality standards and incorporate the Tia Care model.
    • Effectively integrate new elements of the Tia Care model that are being testing into the Tia system
    • Use Tia tech platforms and documentation systems to optimize communication and supports appropriate billing
    • Participate in lunch and learns sessions at Tia, hosting some didactic sessions on your own area of expertise as well as participating in others’
  • Lead the Care Team within the Tia management framework 
    • Support the clinical talent at the New York city clinic and its supporting telemedicine services. Participate meaningfully in recruitment of other Tia  personnel and Tia employees– nurse practitioners, adjunct care providers and medical assistants.
    • Work constructively with the Tia orgnaizational leadership and clinic leadership to have all team members to practice appropriate Tia documentation and care practices.
    • Participate with human resources processes in training, evaluations and in both giving and receiving feedback at regular intervals to direct reports as well as giving constructive feedback on other clinical partners to their managers.
    • Appropriately engage, collaborate and/or supervise Tia nurse practitioners or physician extenders as required by current state mandates.
  • Ensure an excellent patient experience while balancing clinical requirements 
    • See any and all patients requiring care, regardless of whether they are Tia or personally acquired; deliver both patient sets an amazing experience
    • Effectively handle escalations relating to patient satisfaction or clinical issues that need escalation in care
  • Effectively escalates issue at the clinic to the appropriate leadership when necessary 
    • Reports on technology performance giving constructive feedback to the technology team— helping to dive into issues that are impacting practice.
    • Reports to Tia and site clinic leadership on operational or clinical model issues
    • Reports to the SVP of Medical Affairs on issues relating to care quality concerns among care providers from the New York City site.
Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients.
If you’re are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women’s healthcare, join us!

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