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About Alva
Alva supports women through menopause with evidence-based information, assessment and treatment. Our mission is to reduce menopause suffering and help all women live longer in good health.

By 2025, over 1 billion will be in menopause. 80% have symptoms, of which 36% experience severe and sometimes debilitating symptoms. These can last up to 15 years (7 years on average).In the UK 13 million women are in menopause, and 58% can’t access menopause services locally. The average waiting time for these NHS menopause services? 6 months.

Beyond the numbers, a tremendous amount of women are suffering and there are significant barriers to them accessing the treatments they need. The consequences at home, at work and for the long term of menopause are severe.

We’re building a comprehensive digital healthcare service from the ground up to make excellent menopause care accessible to accessible to all. By all we mean women of every age, ethnicity, sociodemographic background, sexual orientation and disability. Although the platforms health services are for women – we’re also passionate about including men and families in our menopause conversation to really break the stigma. What we’re building is inclusive to all.

About this role
Alva’s platform has multiple products and services already, and we’re looking to scale those quickly. You’ll be supporting the scaling of our prescriptions service, as well as the day-to-day serving of our customers. Perimenopause and menopause can be overwhelming for women, so it’s important to us that we provide responsive, effective and caring customer services responses. We’re aiming for nothing short of world class when it comes to enabling women to access prescriptions through Alva, and this role is critical to ensuring we meet these standard.

Beyond customer support and working to improve our prescriptions service, you’ll be supporting the development of a great team culture within Alva. We’re a team who deeply cares about supporting women through menopause, but to do this well it’s important to look after ourselves and each other. From helping organise team events to helping us collaborate better, this role will deliver projects which help us to work more efficiently and effectively.

What you’ll be doing
Responding to customer questions, and feeding back what you learn into the product team.
Collecting customer feedback in a structure way, so we can keep improving what we do.
Automating our customer service function based on the insights you learn.
Setting up prescription orders from our doctors consultations.
Reviewing, refining and improving the processes around our current prescriptions service.
Developing ideas to improve Alva’s culture, and implementing them.
Executing on ideas to onboard our customers to Alva.
Supporting the development, ordering and management of our packaging.
Supporting the management of our key suppliers, and developing relationships with new potential suppliers.
Part of the team who work on Alva’s regulatory documents and processes.

What we’re looking for who is
Detail and process orientated. You’ll constantly be looking to improve and optimise what we have.
A recent graduate, or someone with a few years of work experience that they can apply to this role.
Highly motivated to get things done. Where there’s repetitive manual processes, you’ll identify areas to iterate, automate and improve.
Quantitatively minded. You’ll be interested in reducing Alva’s cost base, and want to learn financial modelling skills (if you don’t already have them).
A generalist who enjoys being involved in a lot of things. This is a broad role, and you’ll be someone who is hungry for a wide range of experiences.
A self starter, who will always try to find solutions and get things done to a high standard.
Humble. Nothing is below you. You’ll understand that an early stage startup is all hands on deck, and you’ll enjoy working in an environment that is fast paced and dynamic.
Confident enough to speak up and share new ideas. Taking ownership of this role will involve being bold and thinking creatively about how we can create the organisational culture and structure we aspire to have.
Reflective enough to know when to ask for help. You are not afraid to say when you don’t know the answer.
Not a perfectionist. Done is better than perfect. We’re all constantly learning as we strive to make menopause easier for all women. You’ll understand that delivering greatness in a startup is an iterative process, and you won’t be afraid to fail along the way.
A team player. You want to help those around you – as we’re all pushing in the same direction.


Is this a full-time role?

Yes, we’re looking for someone to join the team full time in October (ideally)

Can I work remotely full-time?

We’re open minded to remote applications. However, we do have an office and currently most people are coming in 2-3 days per week. We’re operating a hybrid model at the moment. For this role, the ability to come in during the first month for training purposes would be particularly helpful.

What is the application process?

Screening call (30 mins) – Clare

Initial Interview (45 mins) – Annie

At-home task (1 hour)

Presentation to the team (1 hour)

Meet the team (30 mins)



How to apply
Please email your CV and a cover letter about why the role interest you to