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close the medical gender research gap with us

About adyn
adyn is on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive so everyone can live their healthiest life.

Our vision is to be earth’s most inclusive and patient-centric personalized medicine company. We are living in the age of the “medical research gender gap”—a disparity that exists because the vast majority of biological literature is based on single sex studies of males. Research shows that achieving gender equality in science and medicine will improve our standard of care and long-term health outcomes, not just for women, but for everyone.

Our first product helps individuals identify the best birth control for their unique biology. We do this by integrating two biological readouts: genetics (read one time) and hormone levels (read multiple times throughout your life). By partnering with individuals, adyn provides medically actionable scientific insights and empowers them to proactively optimize their health—from birth control, to fertility, and beyond.

About the role
You are a champion of our mission and a leader on our team. As the first member of adyn’s engineering team you are also the first engineer to enter the space of personalized birth control. You build technology bridging biological innovation and clinical care so our patients live their healthiest life. You collaborate closely with the CEO and bioinformatician to create technology that drives adyn forward and delivers on the promise of personalized medicine. Designing adyn’s tech stack from ground up, you make strategic and scalable technology decisions while writing elegant code and remaining ever vigilant about security.

In the first month you will:

  • Learn adyn’s existing tech approach and processes—including our scientific approach
  • Design and build a database to store our client’s consumer health information
  • Work with our bioinformaticians to implement an interface between the health information database and our existing bioinformatic pipelines
  • Architect the overall structure of a scalable tech stack with an emphasis on efficiency, and data security

In the first quarter you will:

  • Automate tracking systems for complex operational processes involving multiple 3rd party providers
  • Catalyze our mission by creating a credentialed dynamic dashboard for collecting patient medical history and displaying results securely.

In the first year you will:

  • Establish, document, and maintain engineering processes as the company scales
  • Build a world class engineering team and provide mentorship as needed
  • Architect a highly customized and scalable backend infrastructure
  • Optimize audit trail for HIPAA compliance (Aptible, Heroku, AWS)
  • Engineer intake surveys with logic jumps to efficiently collect consumer reported health data


  • Languages: Fluent with Python
  • Experience with AWS and SQL
  • Encryption and data security
  • 8+ years of experience
  • Great to have: Experience developing HIPAA-compliant products using Aptible, Heroku, and/or AWS
  • Great to have: Experience with modern JavaScript including React

To apply

Please email

Use the subject line formatting: ‍[Careers] Back End Engineer: Last Name, First Name.

‍Attach a resume. In the body of your email use 3 – 5 sentences to tell us how you exemplify any one of our 6 values.

To apply for this job please visit