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Spotlight: Reproductive Longevity

Is it time to cancel menopause?” asked Grace Rubenstein recently in her piece for Neo.Life. And the answer is… Well.. Not yet. Indeed a lot of ovarian research, however, is working towards this goal. To extend fertility and lengthen live by delaying menopause or – the ultimate moonshot – ending it altogether. Reproductive Longevity is an active field of research with potentially huge medical, but also societal implications.

Why Reproductive Longevity Matters

Consider a scenario where women are not constrained in their reproductive choices by a limited and immutable biological clock and could instead choose a time that is right for them to start their families: a world where women are not subject to the detrimental health effects of reduced reproductive hormone levels. The implications for social, economic and personal empowerment from that freedom of choice and freedom from health risks would be extraordinary. By extending their reproductive span, we seek to empower women with more control over their lives and at the same time delay the onset of age-related diseases. We want to ensure that one day women will have parity and options in their reproductive choices.

Biotech Startups Focused on Ovarian Biology

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