Every Monday (except for last Monday when we took a bit of a break 😴) we share a quick “best of” from the week that was with our Inner Circle members. What’s trending in the Femtech Insider community and beyond? We’ve got you covered! In this week’s brief we talk about Femtech Trends & Predictions for 2022, plus…

  • Femtech Investment Round-up December 2021
  • WOC in Femtech and Women’s Health Innovation
  • Startup Spotlight is back!
  • Upcoming Inner Circle Events

Femtech Trends & Predictions for 2022

Yes, we know… It is indeed *that* time of the year again. Reflections (Read: Femtech in 2021), trends, predictions and the occasional fortune telling has taken over everybody’s twitter stream. And of course we couldn’t help ourselves and have to join in on the fun with our thoughts on what 2022 will bring for the femtech and women’s health innovation ecosystem! 

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