Don’t move fast and break things!

Who’s the first to market? The first to raise? The first to launch? The first to hit the next growth target? Anyone who’s been around startups will be familiar with the infamous “Move fast and break things” startup credo, that has never been quite true or appropriate for digital health.

The sector (including femtech) is growing faster than ever with more capital pouring in. More contenders, more competition, more capital, more speed. And while this is great for our industry (and consumers who get access to better care), there is a growing number of voices raising concerns about healthcare startups (especially DTC), who compromise compliance (e.g. data privacy) and clinical validation for speed. 

So how does one vet a digital health tool or investment? On the consumer side review platform Lemon Lab launched with an interesting value prop earlier this month. On our end we’ve started working on some SOPs and how-to content (e.g. checklists) to help with assessments and due diligence. Stay tuned for more on that!

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