Femtech Insider Editorial Guidelines

At Femtech Insider, our mission is to be the leading voice in the world of femtech and women’s health innovation. In an effort to maintain the highest standards of journalism and to foster trust with our audience, we are committed to transparency in our editorial processes. This document outlines the editorial guidelines that govern the content we publish.

Content Focus

  1. Newsworthy Content: Our primary focus is on content that has significant impact and relevance in the femtech sector. This includes:
    • Fundraises: Reporting on notable funding rounds and investments in the femtech space.
    • Launches: Coverage of new product launches, services, or companies entering the femtech market.
    • Ecosystem News: Updates on significant developments within the femtech ecosystem, including regulatory changes, market trends, and major events.
  2. Secondary Coverage Areas: While not our main focus, we occasionally cover:
    • Research and Studies: Insightful and groundbreaking research relevant to femtech.
    • Industry Leader Partnerships: Collaborations or partnerships involving key industry leaders that could influence the femtech landscape.
  3. Areas Typically Not Covered:
    • We usually do not cover executive appointments and general partnership announcements unless they are of exceptional significance to the broader femtech community.

Sponsored Content

  • Femtech Insider offers opportunities for sponsored content, allowing brands and companies to reach our engaged audience.
  • All sponsored content will be clearly labeled as such to ensure transparency and maintain the trust of our readership.
  • If you would like to learn more about sponsored content opportunities, head on over to our sponsorship & media kit.

Pitching a Story

  • The best way to pitch a story to Femtech Insider is via email at editor@femtechinsider.com.
  • When pitching, please include a detailed summary of the story, its relevance to our audience, and any supporting materials or contacts.
  • Our editorial team reviews all pitches and will respond if we find the story aligns with our content focus and standards.

Commitment to Integrity

  • We are committed to providing unbiased, accurate, and insightful coverage of the femtech industry.
  • Our editorial decisions are made independently and are not influenced by advertisers or external partners.


By adhering to these guidelines, Femtech Insider aims to be a trusted and authoritative source for news and insights in the femtech and women’s health innovation industry. We believe that transparency in our editorial process is key to building and maintaining this trust with our readers.