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Our Femtech Insider events are free to attend for Inner Circle members. When signing up, please use the promo codes below to redeem your free tickets.

Date Event Promo Code
March 22, 2023 An Overview of Innovation in Women’s Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities brain
April 20, 2023 A Short Overview of Innovation in Women’s Hormonal Health estrogen
May 18, 2023 A Short Overview of the Emerging FamTech Ecosystem modernfamily
June 1, 2023 Innovation in Fertility and Reproductive Health: Challenges and Opportunities babydust
July 7, 2023 Innovation in Maternal Health: An Overview pregnancy
Aug 3, 2023 Innovation in Pelvic Health: Challenges and Opportunities pelvis
Aug 24, 2023 Innovation in Contraception: Challenges and Opportunities repro

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