Wow wow wow. We really started the year with a bit of a bang 💥 in women’s health last week: In a somewhat historic advancement for women’s health, Qvin’s received FDA approval of the Q-Pad, an innovative menstrual blood-based health monitoring pad.

Qvin’s FDA approval last week was more then just a news story, it’s really a narrative shift, positioning menstrual blood at the very center of women’s health innovation last week (and beyond).

Qvin showed what’s possible when thinking about menstrual blood’s role and potential in health diagnostics, and I’m sure this was not the last we’ll hear from the company this year. 👀

But let’s take a step back. What actually happened last week?

Qvin is a US-based biotech company, that changed the perception of menstrual blood last week, transforming it from a disregarded by-product to a critical health indicator.

Their so-called Q-Pad, a less invasive and more accessible health monitoring tool (read pad), has opened new doors in healthcare, especially for those with limited access to traditional testing methods.

The pad (see image below) includes a removable strip for collecting menstrual blood, which is then sent to a CLIA-Certified laboratory for analysis.

Results are conveniently delivered through the Qvin app. The A1c Q-Pad Test Kit, specifically, measures average blood sugar levels over three months, a critical indicator for diabetes management.

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