Last week’s webinar was quite special to me. I always feel like true innovation happens at the intersection of difference ecosystems, and it was great to explore the very intersection of beauty and women’s health last week.

A big thank you to all of you, who joined me live – if you couldn’t make it, no worries: You can review the slides here or watch the recording.

👉 Why Talk about Beauty and Women’s Health?

The objective of our webinar last week was to shed light on the potential synergies and underexplored areas between the beauty and women’s health industries and to emphasize the need for a more integrated approach in both fields.

In my opinion a broader, a more inclusive definition of women’s health is essential. This definition aligns with Sadhguru’s perspective: “Health is not just absence of disease but a wholeness that involves physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”

And the good news is: This comprehensive, more holistic view of health is slowly being recognized in the healthcare sector.

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