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Job description

** Mission: Create the FEMPO brand media at the European level:

  • Take the tone of voice and the brand’s editorial line even further
  • Bring your creativity and FEMPO values ​​to life through ever more advanced content
  • Build and manage a team of creators of written content, videos, illustrations …
  • Structure, develop and coordinate the production of all FEMPO content to take brand awareness and multi-channel acquisition to the next level. **

1 – Content / Production strategy
Think community first. Analyze and reflect on the questions that our target is asking themselves and propose a format, an editorial line, and content that will perfectly meet their expectations.

  • During the first month:
    In collaboration with the care and marketing teams, have defined the first 30 subjects to be covered.
    Have defined a quarterly schedule on the content to be created keeping in mind the synergy with the teams (products, launches, branding, acquisition).
    Recruit a team of freelancers according to the needs defined previously to accelerate production.
    The community is now French, and the ambition of a European / international opening must remain in mind during visual/audiovisual creations. Propose coordination on the content produced according to the languages.
  • In the second month:
    Upload the first achievements.
    Measure the impact of these actions on web behavior (traffic generation, interactions, comments, etc.).
    Have found and set up a weekly publication rate (3 content per week).
    Deepen FEMPO’s editorial line and ensure that it is embodied in each content created.
  • In the third month:
    Onboard the public in this universe thanks to the messages that we transmit (link to be made with the CRM, engagement with the RS).
    Find the partnerships and content that will serve as a basis for acquiring and retaining our audience/community.
    Create regular meetings with our community.

2 – Project management

  • During the first month:
    Define the resources that will be needed for the construction of the contents (planning + budget).
    Manage the agencies and/or freelance partners that you will need for the development of your projects (photos, video, scripting, etc.).
  • At three months:
    Define TV brand awareness and display advertising plans.
    Increase the volume of “moments” of contact between FEMPO and the public.
    Peak traffic,% of conversion rate, time spent on an article, onboarding, will be the KPIs to follow.

3 – Copywriting

  • During the first month:
    Master copywriting techniques to bring the reader into the FEMPO funnel.
    FEMPO speaks on a problem => awareness of the problem on the part of the reader => she seeks to solve it => she falls in love with FEMPO.
    Internal or external recruitment and management of an editorial team.
  • At three months:
    Variation of formats, test – measure – iterate according to the magic formula:
    20% of content drives 80% of revenues.
    Fine-tune our discourse and our position on the major FEMPO topics.
    Embody the FEMPO mission in each content creation, ensure that the FEMPO mission is transmitted to the public.
Required profile

Writing capacity with high added value
Your spelling is impeccable
Ability to deliver content on time
Mastery of project management, management of service providers, respect of schedules and budgets
Inter and Intra team coordination, sense of sharing and communication
Knowledge of good creative practices (editorial, videos, photos)
Creative ability on high-impact educational messages
You know how to integrate content pages on cms and master good SEO practices
Perfect understanding of customer needs and the link with FEMPO mission
Ability to provide e-commerce recommendations for the content of product pages
You have a perfect command of written and oral English
A good digital culture is required

Suite editorial tools
knowledge Shopify
an appetite for doing it yourself (video, editing) is a plus

To apply for this job please visit www.welcometothejungle.com.