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Take control of your health in the most natural way possible.

We are a cloud-native, mobile-first women’s health startup set out to improve diagnostic and health monitoring for all women. We are looking for a talented, motivated, and hands-on lead developer to join our distributed development team.
We have a passion for great software, cutting-edge technology, data science, and machine learning.

About the role
As a Software Architect and SCRUM master, you will be in charge of one of our core products and will have frequent interactions with COO, Product Owner, and the development team. We value experimental and “fail-fast” style atmosphere, where ideas and initiative are valued higher than failing for not trying. We offer a competitive salary, bonuses, and a fixed position on our development team.

As our Lead Developer, you will help push our product to the market and manage our distributed team of software developers.
The software is key to this effort and you must work closely with our product owner, CTO, designers, and developers to make sure we build a fantastic product with the right feature set, compliant to health regulations, and with clean code, which is the foundation for future data science.
This is a product development position, and your main responsibility will be to bring a product to the market using the existing framework and technology stack.
As Qurasense’s Team Lead, Developer, you will:
  • Manage multiple developers across a distributed team
  • Manage the identification and implementation of issues (understanding business goals, translating this into concepts with product management, and turning this into technical development plans)
  • Lead the full stack experience across mobile, web, and backend
  • Handle data modeling, services, and processes within a complex business domain
  • Manage microservices architecture, cloud services such as Twilio, Auth0, etc.
 Preferably, you also have experience with:
  • Production software management such as feature toggles, canary builds, and release trains
  • Experience with cloud technologies such as GCE, k8s, and docker
  • Building tools and test automation
  • Software operations and security, such as monitoring, surveillance, scalability and restore procedures
Your day-to-day will include…

Software Development

  • Direct integrations with external Laboratory Inventory Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Building shopping systems accessible on both web and mobile OS (including in-app purchase)
  • Integrate with frameworks such as Google Health and Apple Health (including Research Kit and Care Kit)
  • In collaboration with the marketing team, build a new website used in the company launch
 Team Management
  • Coordinate our scrum board with milestones – we currently have monthly sprints
  • Specify, coordinate, and prioritize tasks between the Product Owner and remote team members
Software stack
We use modern technologies across the company, including…
  • Front-end: Flutter and Dart for cross-platform mobile (iOS and Android), and Angular 5 and SCSS for web
  • Back-end: Kotlin, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Gradle, Fluentium, Gitlab and IntelliJ for application development
  • Hosting: Google Cloud platform (Kubernetes, Docker, NoSQL datastore, pub-sub)
In addition, as a health company, we care deeply about application security, GDPR and HIPAA compliance. Health data stored internally follows an FHIR-first approach.

About Qurasense

We’re a women’s health company located in San Francisco and San Diego, backed by an outstanding group of investors. The core of our company is a game-changing product, the diagnostic menstrual pad – the Q-Pad. For the 2.2 billion women who menstruate monthly, we can offer basic wellness screening, fertility testing, STD testing, and potentially even perform cancer diagnostics. It’s at-home testing, without needles, putting the woman in the driver’s seat of her own health.

As we continue to expand our software capabilities, we’re looking for an experienced and hungry developer to expand our software architecture, while also taking a lead on our development roadmap and implementation. We value people who are confident, enthusiastic, and purpose-driven!