We finally have the openness and research to take a clear-headed look at the many nuances of women's sexual pleasure. It's about time!

For Goodness Sake conducts large-scale scientific research to gather discoveries about taboo parts of life from tens of thousands of people. We then spread that knowledge through user-centered, radically open and honest online experiences. is our flagship product, tastefully and straightforwardly presenting the array of ways women have discovered to have more sexual agency, confidence and pleasure. Psychology Today called OMGYES, “warm, wise, tasteful and fun.” The London Times called it, “nothing less than the next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution.”

We’ve enjoyed great success and profitability from an increasing rate of organic word-of-mouth growth and MDs and clinicians recommending OMGYES. Our next phase of growth is to scale our process so we can research and create impact in other important parts of life.


We measure the significant positive psychological impact OMGYES has on its users. And those effects are what we design for and optimize for, not things like daily active users or time on site. The more people’s lives improve from the product experience, the more people recommend us and the more our business continues to take off.  It’s a virtuous cycle that’s a joy to be a part of.


You’ll work on a mission-driven team of passionate contract-based researchers to elevate fascinating insights people have discovered to improve their lives, especially in the realm of sexual pleasure. Often, the useful patterns of insights and strategies for thriving only become visible at scale, when looking at many people’s experiences all at once. Your job will involve delving into a rich dataset of people’s stories about their sexual lives and reading about what barriers they faced and what strategies work for them. You’ll identify the patterns, innovations, and really practical and compelling insights that could help the larger population. Then you’ll work with a team to turn those into web content that will inspire hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. This is a part-time, contract-based position that can be completed remotely.


– Excellent analytical eye for seeing how ideas are connected to each other in clusters of insights and patterns of behavior. Research experience (especially working with qualitative data) is a plus but not required.

– Ability to curate clear, descriptive yet succinct insights from hundreds of survey responses.

– Experience communicating to a large lay audience through journalism, podcasting, writing a blog with wide lay readership, etc.

– Strong writing ability to concisely convey an idea in a clear and compelling way that draws the reader in.

– Ability to write in a way that inspires curiosity and is sensitive to the attention of the reader and comfort in writing in the OMGYes voice (a sex positive, neutral and objective, yet engaging tone).

– A tendency to suspend skepticism/disbelief and focus on envisioning potential solutions, even if they’re not apparent at first.

– A high level of empathy and the ability to move beyond one’s own personal perspective and hone in on and pick out what other people would get excited about

– Strong productivity – a self-directed ability to do all of the above on a schedule while working remotely.

– Visual communication experience (e.g., illustration, design, photography/videography, data visualization) is a plus.