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Fatherhood starts with you.

What do we do?
We are building a complete digital health hub for future fathers. We aim to change the outdated view that fertility is a “women’s issue” by creating an accessible, affordable product for men. This includes everything from a mail-in kit for sperm testing & sperm freezing, personalized sperm improvement products, tele-health, DNA fragmentation analysis, supplements, and more.
Please note: We get 100s of applications. We’ll be unable to move forward with an interview period unless you fill out first in a couple lines why you’re interested in the role! 🙂
The Legacy Product Team is divided into three core functions, each of which is owned by one Product Manager: (1) Physical Product, (2) Client Dashboard, and (3) Internal Tools. Physical Product is everything a customer will purchase in the check-out screen. Client Dashboard is every interaction a customer will have on the Client Dashboard. Internal Tools are the internal operating engines that allow us to scale and deliver a superior experience for customers.
Each product feature or project divides into a pod. Pods are cross-functional teams that bring a product or project over a finish line. A pod will include a Product Manager, and Engineer, and a Designer – as well as any additional resources that may be needed. The Product Manager’s essential job is to manage the work of their pods to deliver products on time.


    • Speak with customers to understand and document opportunities around pain points and problems Legacy can help solve
    • Scope and prioritize activities based on business and customer impact
    • Translate departmental objectives and product vision into a roadmap for core production function (physical, dashboard, or tools)
    • Coordinate prioritization with broader departmental roadmap
    • Develop detailed wireframes, prototypes, and requirements for new products or features, conducting user testing to validate and inform designs
    • Work closely with Marketing Team to transform work into high-fidelity designs
    • Work close with Engineering Team to optimize resources, narrow scope, and accelerate time-to-deployment of products
    • Propose, set, and meet product launch deadlines
    • Optimize success of existing portfolio in core product function (physical, dashboard, or tools)
    • Influence business and engineering to deliver required work on time
    • Drive and own the product launches
    • Act as a product evangelist internally to build awareness, understanding, and buy-in for the product vision


    • Embodies Legacy values: Customer Centric, Responsible, Kind, Humble, Winner
    • Experience at a D2C venture-backed startup
    • Strong problem-solving skills and willingness to roll up sleeves to get job done
    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • Excellent empathy and determined curiosity to understand customer pain points
    • Skilled at working effectively with cross-functional team, influencing their work and decisions
    • Able to develop product strategies
    • Understanding of software development and web technologies
    • Strong competency with Figma (Design Mockups) and Whimsical (Wireframing)
Why should you join us?
Look, there’s lots of reasons to join any high-growth startup. “Get on a rocket ship” blah blah blah. If you’re the kind of candidate we’re looking for, then you already know this. Here are a few other reasons you might not already know:
We’re a team of under 20 people, despite being at the Series A stage. You will be one of the first 20 employees and will profoundly impact where the company goes in the coming years.
Everyone thinks about becoming a parent. You will help couples on their journey to creating a family. You will help push society towards a fairer, more equitable place. You will be a trusted resource for men and women at the most intimate moment in their lives, including heterosexual couples, LGBTQ+ couples, and individuals who are thinking about how and when they’ll want to have a family in the future.
We will invest in you like you wouldn’t believe. Every single hire gets an executive coach. You’ll get training for anything you need. We’ll give you an unlimited ‘Health & Wellness’ stipend where we pay for 75% of anything you deem might improve your life (Mattresses, Pelotons, etc.) You’ll have a ‘buddy’. We’ll set you up with a charity and match your contributions. And we will talk about your careers goals, aspirations, and feelings every single week.
(Oh – and of course you’ll get the same health care, 401K, unlimited time off, and other perks that any serious company offers its team members today.)
Ultimately, we are here to win, and we believe that the best way to win is to help everyone bring their absolute best self to work. So our job is to help you be the best personal and professional version of yourself that you want to be.

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