Soundboarding Event with Daye, the Company Disrupting the Period Care Market

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Soundboard Events are a little different. Here’s our thing: we want you to feel inspired, to bounce ideas, and meet like-minded people. How do we do that? Through Soundboarding!
Every few months we host a series of events where we bring in speakers who are doing something brilliant in the world to share their story. As well as this, we hold curated matches (through Zoom breakout rooms) where we handpick 2 other event attendees for you to meet with based on your interests, the industry you work in or your what you are passionate about.
At this upcoming session we’ll meet with Valentina Milanova, founder of London-based female healthstartup, Daye. Valentina and her company are disrupting the period care market, and changing the rhetoric around womxn’s health.
Their products use CBD to reduce period pain in a plastic-free and sustainable way. Daye has grown exponentially since its inception, raising $5.5 million in investor funding and in the process, building a community of over 46k, and bridging the gender pain gap for over 35k womxn.
At this Soundboard session, Valentina will share her experiences of starting a business from scratch at 24 years old. We’ll learn about the initial seed that was set when she discovered the healthcare possibilities of hemp while reading old research papers, the ins, outs, ups and downs of fundraising, and what it’s like to build a business and teams in a specialist area without previous expertise. A fascination with how womxn’s bodies work, a drive to challenge a stagnant market and outdated perceptions, and an unyielding certainty in her own ideas are the inspiring foundations behind Valentina’s story. 


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