We finally have the openness and research to take a clear-headed look at the many nuances of women's sexual pleasure. It's about time!


For Goodness Sake conducts large-scale scientific research to gather discoveries about taboo parts of life from tens of thousands of people. We then spread that knowledge through user-centered, radically open, and honest online experiences. is our flagship product, tastefully and straightforwardly presenting the array of ways women have discovered to have more sexual agency, confidence, and pleasure. Psychology Today called OMGYES, “warm, wise, tasteful and fun.” The London Times called it, “nothing less than the next wave of an unfinished sexual revolution.”

We’ve enjoyed great success and profitability from an increasing rate of organic word-of-mouth growth and MDs and clinicians recommending OMGYES. Our next phase of growth is to scale our process so we can research and create impact in other important parts of life.


We’re looking for a highly experienced editorial leader or content design leader to join our company leadership team as Head Of Content Design, Editorial & Operations

Your team will include copywriters, visual designers, a product manager, engineers, researchers, illustrators, animators, a producer, and a film production and post-production team.  Your job will be to lead them in a pretty fascinating process:

  1. We choose specific taboo parts of life that haven’t been adequately researched, and that people currently go through alone without the benefit of collective wisdom.

  2. Within that taboo part of life, we do interviews and surveys to gather the collection of thousands of people. We distill those results to identify what positive benefits are possible, what knowledge and experiences lead to those benefits, and what hurdles get in the way for people.

  3. Then we package that raw knowledge and wisdom into engaging, eye-opening web content, usually including text, storytelling videos, statistics, visuals, and anything else you can think of that will transmit the knowledge to users for maximum impact.


  • Use your editorial judgment, psychological sensitivity, and creativity to curate, package, and craft content from the research insights

  • Build and deepen your understanding of how users react by watching user interviews. Stay constantly grounded to the imagined user and what they’d think and feel in reaction to each bit of content

  • Coach the team to constantly develop ways of framing, naming, organizing, and presenting content so that users will feel inspired so that the ideas feel fresh and important and worth really laking in. You want the user to question the completeness of their existing knowledge and look for a pen to take notes

  • Create pipelines, rubrics, and systems so the team can scale and work on several topics in parallel

  • Define talent gaps, write job descriptions, hire and manage creative team members and contractors, providing guidance and mentorship, and overseeing their professional growth and development


  • You’re a builder.  The idea of being able to run your own team and define how it works without bureaucracy gets your imagination rolling

  • You work smarter, not harder or longer. You know from experience that your team is most productive when they feel rested, trusted, and valued

  • You want to have an impact. You’d feel energized getting messages from users around the world saying your product made them realize they’re not alone, gave them new confidence, or saved their marriage

  • You believe strangers have valuable discoveries. So reading through thousands of women’s discoveries about a taboo part of life sounds like a great time

  • You love to break down complex problems, cutting to the core of them, identifying what needs to be done, and making it happen through communication, delegation, and ingenuity

  • You’re talented but humble.  And while you have lots of terrific ideas, you also recognize how important it is for the people you manage to have ideas that get recognized.


  • 7+ years of experience as a content designer, editorial lead, product designer, creative director, or creative producer of high-quality, engaging content that reached mass audiences
  • You’ve led teams and have come to love supporting others’ professional development, keeping people motivated, and maintaining a culture of healthy feedback
  • Demonstrated evidence of extending creativity to operations: you’ve faced process problems, cut to the core of them, identified what needed to be done, and made it happen through communication, delegation, and ingenuity

This position offers a competitive salary, a healthy work/life balance, and a great benefits package, including top-of-the-line health, dental, vision, life, and gym.

We are all remote during Covid-19 and look forward to eventually returning in person to our office in Berkeley, California. If there’s a great fit, we’re open to flexible work from home, fully remote work with occasional travel to work at the office alongside the team, and/or relocation assistance.