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Role Summary: As Creative Director, Content Studio, your role is to concept and produce stand out social and marketing communications that tell unique stories to the world. You are a writer turned creative director, with the ability to fuse visual design and the written word together  — and provide creative direction to writers and designers — to produce standout brand work. You lead the vision of Tia brand content and voice by creating compelling content that establishes Tia as a  transformative leader in health, and a radical voice in reimagining how brands show up in this space, and building a brand content presence which uniquely speaks to women, and compels them to join and advocate for our community.

Working closely with the Head of Brand, and Head of Growth Marketing, you focus on the way the Tia brand communicates itself to the world. From highly engaging social content, to effective and clear email campaigns, to evocative OOH campaigns, you will work closely with design and copy across mediums and form factors. Simultaneously, you will continue developing Tia’s cohesive brand voice and visual identity — celebrating female health and wellbeing, and helping women in turn, achieve optimal health as defined by themselves.

At Tia, communication and design are not a siloed function, but a core ingredient that touches every single part of the Tia experience and company. Success in this role requires not only being an excellent communicator, this role also needs to understand the development and combination of visuals and language working in tandem to create cohesive messaging. You also love moving quickly, rapid feedback and iteration, and continuously pushing the bar of excellence that “wows.” This role also requires excellent management chops and understands how to manage career growth in tandem with company growth. This role needs to collaborate and communicate across the company from marketing to member experience to clinical ops and beyond, to produce work that pushes the boundaries of healthcare, and continues to establish Tia as the most loved and trusted brand in women’s health.


  • Make something(s) people want!
  • Act as a pack. Not a lone wolf.
  • Be driven to achieve excellence, but with regard to effort over impact.
  • Ask why. Then why, again.
  • Experiment always, despite the possibility of failure.
  • Practice a meritocracy of ideas.

JD Abilities: 

  • A true writer by nature, but loves weaving visuals and words together to create compelling stories.
  • Can ideate, create, and direct compelling creative concepts, and constantly comes up with fresh, creative ideas.
  • Can turn strategic positioning into attention-grabbing consumer messages.
  • Is innately driven to excel at creative problem-solving.
  • Is maniacally detail-oriented.
  • Is highly organized—presents and creates work clearly so others can understand.
  • Is a systems thinker, and strives for creating work in a systematically organized and consistent manner.
  • Proven ability to learn from mistakes, ability to reflect, grow and not repeat the same mistakes, whether in their work product or their communication and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to manage and communicate up, and across to other teams.
  • Driven by a “get things done” mindset and works with Content Studio to create high quality work quickly.
  • Is able to clearly present work and sell through ideas.
  • Is continuously challenging others to stay on brand, or push the evolution of brand personality and positioning.
  • Can structure a complete narrative across multiple touchpoints to create cohesive multi-layered campaigns.
  • Able to write and design for several “voices” to suit various audiences.
  • Balances Tia brand experience, tone and messaging through audience communication needs, and driving business results with product and marketing needs.
  • Continues to learn, is open to feedback and always willing to explore more.
  • Supports planning and strategy in the development of creative or project briefs, content strategy, and marketing approaches.
  • Contributes to the daily execution of the workload.
  • Oversees creativity, consistency and quality of creative development.
  • Drives creative team to explore various extensions of campaign in tactical execution.
  • Comfortable mentoring direct reports on the unique needs of each channel.

Matrix Abilities

  • Stratum Level: Strategic & conceptual thinking; able to connect dots, synthesize information at a high level and structure ambiguity in to useful models — required to invent and create
  • Emotional: Ability to be highly aware and connected to the emotional and energy state of oneself and others, and able to effectively leverage that to drive behavior
  • Creativity: Ability to see new solutions or combine ideas in different ways to solve problems
  • Systems thinking: Ability understand how constitutive parts can work together or inter-relate to produce outcomes
  • Psychological: Empathy + ability to input, discern / unpack someone else’s perspective / motivations


  • Copywriting
  • Multi-channel content strategy
  • Copy editing
  • Concept ideation and development
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Multi-channel campaign development
  • Team building, management and career development
  • Lead creative strategy for all campaigns across organic and paid across channels
      • Create consistent and compelling campaigns and content across all channels — organic social, paid ads, OOO, marketing emails, direct mailers, etc. that are platform and audience appropriate.
      • Manage the production of the work from concept to final output, ensuring the highest quality work is produced within the confines of appropriate timelines.
      • Ensure no mistakes are made, from typos to colors & fonts, you always have your eagle eye engaged.
  • Continue building and manage Tia’s world-class “content studio” team
      • Hire, train, mentor and manage an interdisciplinary team that delivers on and constantly pushes the quality bar of creative output
      • Rigorously monitor production velocity, quality and output and refine processes accordingly
      • Enable strong cross functional work streams, communication and processes between design, product, engineering, brand and care
      • Works with the Head of Brand to set priorities and manages workloads for direct reports and self.
  •  Create best in class creative solutions 
      • Create beautiful and engaging content considerate of audience, messaging, tone, voice, brand expression, time and place.
      • Be excited about the work you’re making and excited to share it with the team and the world.
      • Never be over-protective or precious about your work, and be continuously sketching, asking questions, seeking feedback, and pushing yourself to design the best solutions.
      • Be ready to roll up your sleeves at any point and get to work whenever is needed to help execute and get work across the finish line.
  • Continue to establish the Tia Brand as a household name as we grow
      • Continually develop, push and add to Tia’s Brand System across content, copy, visual language, and messaging to further establish Tia’s different and unique point of view in the world of healthcare, D2C brands, and women’s focussed brands.
      • As we expand to new markets, and further develop Tia in existing markets, work closely with the Head of Brand Marketing to understand audience needs, to create the most effective campaigns and messaging.
  • Collaborate deeply other departments to create the best content for Tia
    • Communicate upwards, sideways, acrossways, downways every single day.
    • Collaborate deeply with Head of Brand daily to ensure Tia content is contributing to the Tia Brand
    • Work closely with the Heads of Marketing, Research Leads, Product Leads, and Clinical ops Leads (as well as other teams) to get input, communicate status, workshop issues, and get alignment.
Tia is an equal opportunity employer. We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better product for our users and patients.
If you’re are committed to collaborative problem solving, creating high-quality and user-centric products, and want to make waves in women’s healthcare, join us!